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KITTYPOOL Games Wikiってなに?

KITTYPOOL Games Wiki」は、RPG作品「くつひも物語(仮)」を開発するにあたって「情報の整理」「外部へお仕事を依頼する際の作品内容説明」などが一つのサイトにまとまっていたほうが都合が良いので作られたサイトです。





  • お仕事関連の方向けの詳細な作品情報
  • プレイヤー向けの攻略情報

What is the KITTYPOOL Games Wiki?

KITTYPOOL Games Wiki was created for the development of the RPG "Shoelaces-Story (tentative)", as it is more convenient to have a single site for organizing information and explaining the contents of the work when requesting work from outside. it Wiki?

No, you do not have the right to edit this site. The term "wiki" originally referred to "a website where a large number of users collaborate to edit content directly from a web browser", but we have chosen this name to make it easier to understand that this is a collection of game data and strategy information. I'm sorry.

What's in here?

The following information regarding the RPG "Shoelaces-Story (tentative)" and the mini-games that will be incorporated into it is scheduled to be posted, and is being produced concurrently with development.

  • Detailed work information for work-related people
  • Strategy information for players